Meet the Thespian Officers

President - Camille Swan

I am a senior this year and have gone through all four years of the Lake Travis High School theatre program. I have been in a total of 5 Main Stage shows as well as a few smaller ones. I love this program and I am excited to see what we will do in the future!

Vice President - Thomas Morelli
Treasurer - Kade Foster
Parliamentarian - Mathhew DiLeo

Hello! I'm your 2021-2022 Thespian Parliamentarian. That means I will be organizing the Thespian points you submit to me after earning them through participating in theatre activities. I will also be working with other officers to plan Thespian events throughout the year. I'm so excited for a great year of theatre

Historian - Jessica Paine

Hi, I’m Jessica! I am a sophomore this year, and I am the thespian historian. As historian, I’m in charge of photography for our theatre rehearsals and events. I will also be putting together a thespian photo book with tons of fun photos! I can’t wait to have another great year of theatre at LTHS! 

Social Media - Kinsey Miller

As social media liaison, I want to try to get kids who aren't in theatre interested through social media. I will also use my platforms to remind kids who are in shows about rehearsals and schedules because most people already check snapchat or instagram everyday. By making funny memes and letting kids know about auditions, which is something that often never leaves the theatre room, I hope to get people more involved. Our theatre department can always use a few extra friendly faces!