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Our Fantastic Members ~ 2016-17


The Theatre Arts Parent Booster Club depends on the generosity of the following businesses and people to help support the LTHS Theatre and Theatre Tech Program. Thank you for your support!

Star Members

Donations of $500 and above

Eagle Surgical Products

All Star Burger - Shane and Shannon Street

George & Lori Wise

Lillian & A. Hardcastle


Lead Members

Donations of $250 and above

Trinity Pools & Scapes

Cathy & Day Cable

Christi Nicolay

Elizabeth Wheeler

Cameo Members

Donations of $60 and above

Tabet Family

Kevin & Alecia Ormsby

The Camp@Cloudcroft

Paulette Moczygemba

Courtney Thomas

Supporting Members

Donations of $120 and above

Data Disclosure Services

Hollis Family

Carmen & Jonathan Pierce

Mike & Shannon Brimmer

The Lowy Family

Paul & Anastasia Jespersen

Julie Mattoon

John & Valerie Gilmore

Jennifer & Bob Fonseca

Scott & Traci Miller

Kelly & Todd Runkle

Craig Dalton

Cast Members

Donations of $30 and above

Linton Family

Jimmy and Janet Robison

Paulinda Lanham

Laura Concepcion

Steve & Lorie Martinez

Amy Wallquist

Laurel Siena

Clare Sayce

Mimi Wilson

Trammell & Assoc Real Estate LLC, Shena Davenport, Diane Greene

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