Our Fantastic Members  - 2021-2022

The Theatre Arts Parent Booster Club depends on the generosity of the following businesses and people to help support the LTHS Theatre and Tech Theatre Program. Thank you for your support!

Starring Role

(Donations of $500 and above)

Little Family


Featured Actor

(Donations of $100 and above)

Iannitelli Family 

Beckstead Family

Vandersand Family

Barrero Family

Kasberger Family

Runkels Family

Bruins Slot Family

Joran Family

Tudor Family

Thompson Family

Paine Family

Baker Family

Berry Family

Jary Family

Owen Family

Kingsley Family

Graham Family

Morelli Family

Leading Role

(Donations of $250 and above)

Ylostalo Family

Katacic Family

Stroud Family

Nels Family

Wilbanks Family

DiLeo Family

Johnson Family

 Lowrance Family


(Donations up to $99)

Devine Family 

Swann Family

Wetter Family

Ellett Family

Swinford Family

Wu Family

Simko Family

Fan Club

(Donations up to $49)

Williams Family