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Our Fantastic Members ~ 2018-2019


The Theatre Arts Parent Booster Club depends on the generosity of the following businesses and people to help support the LTHS Theatre and Theatre Tech Program. Thank you for your support!

Star Members

Donations of $600 and above


Lead Members

Donations of $400 and above

The Boyer Family

Dr and Mrs Daniel Freeland

The Lauritzen Family

The Reardon Family

Supporting Members

Donations of $200 and above

Carolyn Horn

Traci and Mats Ostberg

Melanie Kennemann/Keller Williams

The Quakenbush Family

The Davis Family

Cameo Members

Donations of $100 and above

Christine and Bert Von Roemer

The Tanner Family

Michael and Christine Torres

Leslee Smithwick

The Chauvette Family

Janine Wilson

The DiLeo Family

Cast Members

Mary and Matt Firme

The Gonzalez Family

The Morelli Family

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