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LTHS TAP Senior Scholarship 

The LTTAP Board has put together a new “online” application form and format. It is a locked, but fillable. 


There are some instructions that need to be included as precedent to the application:

1. The form is a .pdf. It is to be filled out ONLINE.

2. At the top of the .pdf page is a toolbar. The pen tool is to be used to sign the form.

3. When a date is requested, the the down carrot will show a calendar. Click on the date and the date will be filled in automatically.

4. Please check all of the boxes that apply on both questions #5 & 8.

5. Once complete save the completed application and send to Amanda Scott.

6. Please send page 5 of the application to the person that you are requesting to write a recommendation letter on your behalf. 


Once the application has been sent, the student has fulfilled their requirements.

Follow link below for the scholarship application:

TAP Theatre Scholarship 2020

Any questions, please contact Amanda Scott

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